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Helping to keep kids active

Choose a Challenge

Challenges are a great way to get the kids active. Choose a challenge to help keep them motivated. Rewards for your challenge are sent out on purchase, for you to award them as they complete the challenge.

Challenge Rewards

The rewards depend on the challenge you choose. Our most popular challenges packs include a colouring tracker to help them stay on track, distance badges to award after each section, medal and certificate to award on completion of the challenge and sticker.

Earn Points and Badges

Send us a picture to show the challenge has been completed via their account and points and profile badges will be added. They will also move up the levels and if they reach gold then they will get the special Gold Medal Star medal.

MedalKids Gold Star Medal

Once they have reached Gold Level they can receive their personalised Gold Star Medal. You can choose the engraving you would like to have on the medal. But they don't have to stop there. They can keep earning points, badges and move up the levels for more bonus rewards.

Helping to keep kids active

MedalKids is here to help you keep the kids active and develop a love of being active. Created by experts in the field of childhood physical development and activity, MedalKids will support you in helping your children reach their full potential.

Developed by experts in child physical development

Passionate team to help you keep your kids active

Always here for help and support

Helping with that extra bit of motivation

From Active Connections Group Ltd

Other brands include MedalMad, Virtual Fitness and GlowSports

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Living in today’s world, filled with technology and our busy lives, it can be difficult to ensure that our children (and ourselves) are getting enough exercise. The challenge of getting children away from the screens and doing some form of physical activity is real.
MedalKids packs are here to help and include amazing medals, badges and other resources designed by our team of experts in child physical activity and development, a certificate and a colouring tracker. Each pack has a different distance goal associated with it.

A Child Centred

MedalKids has been developed based on a child centred approach. Ensuring that our ideas, products and resources support a child's development based upon their developmental stage.