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Benefits of Kids Being Active

We understand that children’s bodies are still growing and that running long distances regularly can also have an adverse effect on a child’s physical development. Therefore you will find that most of our challenges for Kids are for distances of 5km or below and all of our challenges can be broken down into multiple parts and can be completed on a scooter or bike if preferred, or even walked or skipped. Basicially as long as you are getting up and moving about we don’t care! We do have longer distance challenges targeted at older children and teens but again these can still be completed in parts.

Benefits of physical activity in children…

  • Strengthens bones and muscles
  • Builds a healthy heart
  • Teaches the importance of a healthy lifestyle and taking regular exercise
  • It’s fun!
  • Builds confidence and self-esteem
  • Weight management
  • Reduces depression and anxiety and increases mental well-being
  • Helps children to focus, improving concentration and their ability to learn by increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain.
  • Helps improve motor skills
  • Reduces the risk of developing health conditions
  • Can be done with friends and family