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How Far Should Kids Run?

Our challenges are designed to help children stay active. How far they should run in one go is a difficult question, as every child is different and it depends on age, physical development, fitness levels, type of running and personal preference. Although many children have naturally high levels of aerobic fitness, they are limited in their capacity to generate energy for high-intensity activities.

A child’s aerobic system is not fully developed so it’s important that your child does not undertake intense levels of endurance running as they are at risk of injuries, abnormal growth, malnutrition and psychological burn out.

Below are our recommendations for the maximum distance a child should run.

Under 9: Maximum distance: 3km
Age 9-11: Maximum distance: 5km
Age 12-14: Maximum distance: 10km

So remember you can complete our challenges in parts by breaking down the bigger distances into several smaller distances.